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The Helen Davis Job Center provides job seekers with a variety of resources and services to help them find employment. These services include career coaching, job search assistance, resume building, interview coaching and preparation, skill building, and more. Additionally, the Job Center offers programs such as the Job Seeker Training Program, which provides job seekers with free training in computer and technology skills.

” Luck is when preparation meets opportunity “

Job Seeker Training Program

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Job Resources

The Helen Davis Job Center provides various resources and services to job seekers, such as job postings, resume writing services, career counseling, job search assistance, and more. These services are provided free of charge to help job seekers find employment.

Resume Building

The Helen Davis Job Center provides resume-building services to help job seekers create professional resumes that showcase their skills and abilities. Services include assistance in crafting a compelling resume summary and identifying the most important qualifications.

Interview Training

The Helen Davis Job Center provides interview training services to help job seekers prepare for interviews. Services include instruction on the importance of body language and presentation, proper interview attire, preparation for common interview questions, etc.

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